Swiss Gun Laws as I Understand Them.

I’m writing a story set in Switzerland and have been looking into rules and customs to make it more accurate. I just came on some interesting facts. Firstly, if you think this country is full of state's-prerogative people, we don't hold a candle to the cantons of Switzerland. A relatively small country (around 7.9 million), … Continue reading Swiss Gun Laws as I Understand Them.

Things that strike you as funny…

I'm sorry I've been incommunicado recently. Summer is a busy time in the Pugh household, with the children at home all day. But I'm back at it, and hoping to get another book out this Fall or Winter. Anyway, I'm currently working on two new books (including trying my hand at SF Romance) and a … Continue reading Things that strike you as funny…

Irony, thy name is Disney’s Animated “Robin Hood”

Early this morning, I had the "Phony King of England" running through my head. In it, Little John sings, "Oh the world will sing of an English King thousand years from now And not because he passed some laws Or had that lofty brow" And it suddenly occurred to me, the only thing most people … Continue reading Irony, thy name is Disney’s Animated “Robin Hood”

Things that strike me as darkly funny or clever.

Hillaire Belloc: "When I'm dead, I hope it may be said, his sins were scarlet but his books were read." Fr. Hunwicke's suggestion for a memorial plaque on a park bench (he hates the idea of them): IN MEMORY OF THE REVD JOHN WILLIAM HUNWICKE MA Oxon HE WAS A SPLENETIC MISANTHROPE WHO LOATHED NATURE* … Continue reading Things that strike me as darkly funny or clever.

Busy time in Pugh-ville

I've been very busy this past weeks. I've been working on two books that are still in process, I created two Unexpected Danger ads through Amazon, and finally have professional business cards and other promotional material on the way. I also have an advertisement published in this month's The Romance Review E-zine. If you … Continue reading Busy time in Pugh-ville

In a deserted factory in Brno, Czech Republic….

In a section of town that the artists admit are "industrial areas of where you should not walk alone in the dark..." you get something fun and fantastic as this (found on the Montreal Swing Riot Facebook page and originally posted by Daniil Nikulin & Maria Filippova with Peter & Pavli - Lindy Hoppers.)

The Nicholas Brothers

Here is an amazing pair of dancers! Fayard and Harold Nicholas who performed as the Nicholas Brothers. They even taught dance to Michael and Janet Jackson (and I think it shows!) among others. Both Fred Astaire and Mikhail Baryshnikov praised them for their work, Astaire calling this clip "The greatest dance number ever filmed." This … Continue reading The Nicholas Brothers

Wish we could all enjoy our differences like this!

For the past few years, the Montreal Swing Riot provided classes and performances during the Montreal Jazz Festival. They also had a series of competitions including an event that "pits a battle of styles". Here is one example from 2015. How did I find out about this group? An article about the Riot's competition of … Continue reading Wish we could all enjoy our differences like this!