Swiss Gun Laws as I Understand Them.

I’m writing a story set in Switzerland and have been looking into rules and customs to make it more accurate. I just came on some interesting facts. Firstly, if you think this country is full of state's-prerogative people, we don't hold a candle to the cantons of Switzerland. A relatively small country (around 7.9 million), … Continue reading Swiss Gun Laws as I Understand Them.

Sometimes the Writing Comes to You

Even at my age, I have dreams about missing school deadlines. I’m sure a psychiatrist would say I’m feeling that things are out of control, or there are other deadlines I’m stressing about. She’d probably be right. However, sometimes they are a godsend. The other night, I had a dream about an unfinished school project. … Continue reading Sometimes the Writing Comes to You

I’m a Finalist! Please Vote!

I am a finalist in the Maine Romance Writers' 2018 STRUT YOUR STUFF contest! My entry, Unexpected Danger, is a finalist in the HISTORICAL category and moves on to their online READERS’ CHOICE voting. Voting will be open Monday, April 9, 2018 at Maine Romance Writers' Contest Finalists. Here's the link to go directly to … Continue reading I’m a Finalist! Please Vote!

The “Accidental” Historical Romance Writer

Originally posted to the Romance Writers of America's Hearts through History forum. When you think about it, I'm a strange choice for a Historical Romance writer. I've never picked up a Harlequin in my life. I generally don't read Historical Romances (a few of my favorite paranormal romances have time-travel elements though). I live in Virginia, … Continue reading The “Accidental” Historical Romance Writer

Get Unexpected Danger for Free for 8 days only!

Starting on December 25th and running until January 1, is having a site-wide promotion event. I've decided to join. So between those dates, go to the following link and use the promo code EY100 to get a free copy of Unexpected Danger. Then, if you like it, post a review at a carrying retailer … Continue reading Get Unexpected Danger for Free for 8 days only!