A Meeting with an Old Friend

For the first time in probably a year, I bought a physical book - a real paperback. I purchased the book at a real bookstore, which I haven't been to in even longer. My more recent real-book purchases have been at displays at grocery stores and Walmart. I missed physical books terribly. They feel solid … Continue reading A Meeting with an Old Friend

Sometimes the Writing Comes to You

Even at my age, I have dreams about missing school deadlines. I’m sure a psychiatrist would say I’m feeling that things are out of control, or there are other deadlines I’m stressing about. She’d probably be right. However, sometimes they are a godsend. The other night, I had a dream about an unfinished school project. … Continue reading Sometimes the Writing Comes to You

When “Participation Trophies” Matter

My son Michael is a special boy in more ways than one. He's sharp as a tack and has ingenuity coming out of his pores--especially when it comes to finding a way around rules and obstacles (especially those we set up to protect him or the house). He's also one of many children who require … Continue reading When “Participation Trophies” Matter

Irony, thy name is Disney’s Animated “Robin Hood”

Early this morning, I had the "Phony King of England" running through my head. In it, Little John sings, "Oh the world will sing of an English King thousand years from now And not because he passed some laws Or had that lofty brow" And it suddenly occurred to me, the only thing most people … Continue reading Irony, thy name is Disney’s Animated “Robin Hood”

Things that strike me as darkly funny or clever.

Hillaire Belloc: "When I'm dead, I hope it may be said, his sins were scarlet but his books were read." Fr. Hunwicke's suggestion for a memorial plaque on a park bench (he hates the idea of them): IN MEMORY OF THE REVD JOHN WILLIAM HUNWICKE MA Oxon HE WAS A SPLENETIC MISANTHROPE WHO LOATHED NATURE* … Continue reading Things that strike me as darkly funny or clever.

Busy time in Pugh-ville

I've been very busy this past weeks. I've been working on two books that are still in process, I created two Unexpected Danger ads through Amazon, and finally have professional business cards and other promotional material on the way. I also have an advertisement published in this month's The Romance Review E-zine. https://www.theromancereviews.com/ezines/042018.pdf If you … Continue reading Busy time in Pugh-ville

I’m a Finalist! Please Vote!

I am a finalist in the Maine Romance Writers' 2018 STRUT YOUR STUFF contest! My entry, Unexpected Danger, is a finalist in the HISTORICAL category and moves on to their online READERS’ CHOICE voting. Voting will be open Monday, April 9, 2018 at Maine Romance Writers' Contest Finalists. Here's the link to go directly to … Continue reading I’m a Finalist! Please Vote!