Before, After, Before

 From a loving mother to her MVP. I miss you, baby.

Dedicated to Michael Vincent Pugh, November 21, 2012-September 25, 2019.


He is dead and gone lady.
He is dead and gone.
At his head a grass green turf.
At his heels a stone
— William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 4, Scene 5

Before sunset, they found him.
A small shape in a pond.
They worked on him for ages,
Hoping he would respond.

After sunset, they moved him
To a new place of care.
They tried their best to revive him.
With stimulants and forced air.

Before sunrise, they prayed for him.
There was nothing to be done.
It was just a matter of time
Before his short race was all run.

– Lisa E. Pugh

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