A Young Boy’s Idea of Subtlety

My son is so funny sometimes.

As a mother, I can tell when my son’s really hurt. Sometimes he’s crying in protest, in frustration or just to see what happened. And sometimes, he’s more sneaky.

During one morning, he slipped on the carpeted floor. As he landed and dropped onto his back, he cried at the surprising position. Worried he might have twisted his ankle, I hurried over and knelt beside him.

He quieted down and stood up. He then walked over to the side of the room, and, watching me watching him, sat down. Laying carefully on his back, he then proceeded to whine like he did before. He kept his eyes on me to see if I’d repeat my behavior.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked him, laughing. “I was watching you!”

When he saw he wasn’t going to get mommy to go over to him, he stood up , picked up his toy and continued playing.

Honest to God true story!

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