Things that strike you as funny…

I’m sorry I’ve been incommunicado recently. Summer is a busy time in the Pugh household, with the children at home all day. But I’m back at it, and hoping to get another book out this Fall or Winter.

Anyway, I’m currently working on two new books (including trying my hand at SF Romance) and a sequel to Unexpected Danger. Release dates TBA. I’ll have a sneak peek for my Swiss story and my sequel soon.

While researching Zurich, Switzerland, I followed the route from the train terminal to the University hospital on a map. On the way, a reference to a gourmet hamburger place caught my eye. It’s a Swiss chain with locations all over the place there.

It’s name? “Holy Cow!” I kid you not! Besides discovering that Zurich has some strange street layouts, I found this just made me laugh. Link to Holy Cow Gourmet Burgers.

I don’t know why, but its name tickled my funny-bone. I wasn’t expecting such an American phrase to be all over Switzerland, I guess. Silliness abounds everywhere, apparently.

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