Warning Signs

There are certain patterns and traditions in literature and film/TV. Some might call them tropes. People recognize these. Hence, the Evil Overlord Handbook with ideas like “A quick death is NOT too good for your enemy,” and “If you see a man and woman walking through your realm arguing constantly, kill them.” In the world of TV/books/film, certain things stay true. When someone “can’t discuss on the phone”, he’s dead. When a veteran cop is out on a call on his final day, he’ll die. There are thousands of them.

Entertainment industry’s love affair with irony knows no bounds. If used sparingly and done right, it’s very effective. But sometimes, you can see the train-wreck coming. If the writer/director frames it correctly, even that can still work. It causes suspense. Done badly, you get some really bad melodrama.

Writing is a wonderful tightrope walk sometimes!

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