Why I cannot write a blog.

Hello. My name is Lisa Pugh, I’m a Romance writer and this is my first foray into blogging.

My father is a retired scientist. While he was still active, he would drive me from New Orleans, LA to Roanoke, VA so I could attend College. Then he’d come up and pick me up at the end of the school year. The trip took 2 days, so we often played music.

One cassette, which he acquired during a scientific conference, was called “Songs for Cynical Scientists” by Ron Laskey. One of his songs was “Why I cannot write a song,” chronicling a period of writer’s block, when he couldn’t find an interesting enough topic. The song ended with the realization that he’d just wrote a song about why he could not write a song.

I feel that way about this first blog. I don’t know if I can write anything fascinating to anyone but me. I hope I can.

I’ve always been a bit of an outsider. Growing up, I had weird tastes for my gender and age-group. Girls in 1980’s Louisiana generally didn’t read Sherlock Holmes and Robert Louis Stevenson. They didn’t watch British mysteries and British science fiction like Doctor Who. I developed a very British sense of humor and a similar literary tilt. So I can only hope that people will find this glimpse into my world interesting.


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