1912-13 and 1927-28 music for Unexpected Danger and its sequel

Since Christopher Tobias' last access to popular music before Unexpected Danger was 1913, I thought I'd look into the sort of thing he might have heard. These are what I came up with. The Peelenium links are original recordings from the time period chosen to represent their time-periods in a millenium celebration (1999). http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Peelenium_1912 http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Peelenium_1913Continue reading 1912-13 and 1927-28 music for Unexpected Danger and its sequel

The “Accidental” Historical Romance Writer

Originally posted to the Romance Writers of America's Hearts through History forum. When you think about it, I'm a strange choice for a Historical Romance writer. I've never picked up a Harlequin in my life. I generally don't read Historical Romances (a few of my favorite paranormal romances have time-travel elements though). I live in Virginia, … Continue reading The “Accidental” Historical Romance Writer

Country Winter

This was inspired by a real experience this weekend and a photo prompt in my writing group. Country Winter Deep Snow, Biting cold, Cutting wind swirling ice shards into the air. Leafless trees, Like silent soldiers standing picket in a white battleground. Frozen skin, bone-marrow icicles, No weather for yoga pants.